Say no to eggs.

There is a reason the most popular mouse in the world is in the shape of an egg... Its because this shape is the AVERAGE. These shapes that are a generality are far too safe for players that REALLY know what they want. SHAPE SHIFT Allows you to bring shapes and curves that suite your grip style to any mouse you prefer. A powerful tool to customise your mice to your liking.

Your hands are unique, make your mouse just as unique.

While most popular mice are created with a general shape to suite "most" players, this does not take into consideration the fact that hands are always different from one person to the next. In size, preference, and shape. Your hands are unique and should not adhere to the average shapes and curves of most mice.

Tired of looking for the "perfect shape"?

This is where SHAPESHIFT comes into play. Allowing you to adhere the shape and curve of your mouse, to your hands. Made of a high quality silicone, stiff enough to feel solid, soft enough to curve and bend. Using a high quality automotive grade mounting tape, SHAPE SHIFT is meant to last. You know exactly what you want, so use this tool to create the perfect enviroment for you to get closer to ABSOLUTE AIM.